Yoga Mat Reviews

There is an incredible selection of yoga mats out there. So many different materials, thicknesses and styles that it can be difficult to make a choice. Below I have listed mats I have personally owned along with a brief review for each.


gaiam print yoga mat

The Gaiam Print yoga mats are by far some of the most attractive mats out there. I have two of them with different designs and they remain among my favorites. These are just 3mm thick, so don't expect much padding. Full Review

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Hugger Mugger

hugger mugger original yoga mat

There is nothing like an original and the Hugger Mugger Tapas really was the first yoga mat. I purchased these mats in large rolls and cut them apart for student mats. These mats last and last. Full Review

Hugger Mugger Original @


prana yoga mat

This Prana E.C.O. mat is touted for it toxic free manufacturing process and sustainability. It is made from Thermal Plastic Elastomer which is biodegradable. Great traction, good cushion and very lightweight.
Full Review

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manduka yoga mat

If you do a lot of travel and you like to keep up with your yoga, then a travel mat can be just the thing you need. This Manduka travel mat provides great traction and is made of natural rubber. Full Review

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danskin fitness mat

A Fitness mat is not considered a yoga mat, but it should be. If you have been to my yoga studio then you have had the chance to use one of these fantastic and highly cushioned mats. Full Review

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jade yoga mat

The Jade Fusion is a open cell natural rubber mat that offers great traction. It provides incredible cushion and support and my knees thank me every day since I got this mat. Full Review

Jade Mats @

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