Fitness Assessment

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Discover your true fitness and achieve your optimal health.

A Fitness Assessment is a process used to determine overall physical fitness as well as a foundation to create exercise solutions based on specific findings.

Why would I get a Fitness Assessment?

  • You may be looking for an exercise solution to a physical issue.
  • You are wondering if you are weak in certain muscles making you more vulnerable to injury.
  • You may want to start exercise, but are worried about making an ongoing problem worse.
  • You want to enhance you physical fitness and head off wear and tear in your joints.
  • You may be finished with Physical Therapy but not quite ready to join a regular exercise class.

fitness assessment
fitness assessment

Fitness Assessment
gives insight to enhance your phyical training.

What is involved in a Fitness Assessment?

  • A thorough health history which can give insight in how to improve your work related actions, exercise and eating habits.
  • A posture assessment to evaluate the weight bearing through your spine and other joints.
  • A muscle strength and length assessment that pinoints issues related to symptoms of pain and dysfunction.
  • A personal exercise routine for you based on the assessment and designed to strengthen weak muscles and lengthen short muscles which can reduce pain, increase flexibility and enhance athletic performance.
  • One on one instruction through your personalized routine.
  • An illustrated copy of the exercises in your routine for you to use at home.

A Fitness Assessment can reveal hidden weakness and other issues that interfere with your progress.

Your assessment and exercise session will last approximately an hour and a half. During your session I will make sure to keep the assessment process pleasant and comfortable. I also modify the session to fit your personal needs and I make sure to avoid doing anything that would increase discomfort you might currently feel.

Follow up sessions can be very helpful to check on your ability to do the exercise solution with the proper form. You can schedule your follow up sessions whenever it suits your schedule, but the best time is about a week or two after your initial assessment.

My group yoga classes contain many of the exercises found in your personalized routine and these classes can be helpful in reinforcing your efforts.

Follow up is also available in private session, phone conversations, emails and even Skype sessions so you can keep progressing even when you are out of town.

Once you have followed your personalized routine for several weeks, a re-assessment can be scheduled. Re-assessment is valuable in tracking your progress and verifying that your actions are resolving any muscle weakness found in the initial assessment. Following your re-assessment, exercises can be modified to suit your continuing progress.

backbend extension assessment

Fitness Assessment Sessions

forward bend flexion assessment

An assessment is absolutely wonderful in helping you know how to focus your workouts in order to achieve your goals. Why do a random workout and hope for the best when you can learn which muscles and movement patterns need to be addressed in order to create your best strength and flexibility.

Currently Fitness assessment and Private sessions are not being offered as Julie is going through her own recovery.

Hopefully in the near future this service will be offered again. Please contact Julie if you have any questions. Text or call 713-291-1851

For more information:
Call or text Julie at 713-291-1851 or email

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