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About the Recent Changes at JByrd Yoga

Currently the classes are donation based. You are welcome to use previously purchased class blocks for attendance. If you like you can purchase class blocks or make a donation to help me keep the business going while it is in transition.

For those suffering financial hardship, please feel free to attend classes as my guest.

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Class Descriptions

Please feel free to contact me with questions regarding these group classes. The level of these classes varies and I can help you find a class appropriate for your fitness level and interest.

If you are interested in private instruction or personal training, please let me know and I can help to tailor your own personal workout plan.

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Class Descriptions

Below are brief descriptions of each type of class. You can find a more thorough class description by clicking on the links.

Workout with Julie

This is an exciting new class for those interested in getting strong safely and effectively. We will be using free weights and other techniques to train all body areas. Julie will lead the group through traditional and innovative workout sets designed to enhance strength. All levels welcome, however this class will not be the best for those who are currently struggling with injuries. Contact Julie if you have questions about whether this class will be best for you.

(more about Workout with Julie )

Deep Breath and More

This class is for all levels from those who have never experienced a breathing(Pranayama) class to those who practice regularly. Each week we explore a different breathing technique combined with a Gentle Recuperative yoga class and followed by a guided meditation. The goal of the class is to relax and practice gentle means of enhancing health and well being.

Gentle Recuperative Yoga

Designed for those with physical limitation, whether from injury, surgery, illness or other challenges. This class allows the participants to use chairs and other props to make them more comfortable. The class concentrates on improving posture, motor skills, and body coordination while creating strength in weak muscle areas.

(more about Recuperative Yoga)

Beginning Yoga Lesson Plans

The Beginning Yoga Lesson Plans cover what I feel are the most essential yoga poses a beginner needs to know. We thoroughly cover each topic and find the adaptations that work the best for each individual.

(more about Beginning Yoga Lesson Plans)

Beginning / Intermediate Yoga

This class for beginners who are seeking a more vigorous class. The class has segments that will comfortably challenge the participant and can be modified to any ability. Yoga poses start from basic concepts with an emphasis on proper techniques and options for increasing effort are offered for those who seek a greater workout.

(more about Beginning Level Yoga)

Intermediate Yoga

For hardy beginners or more advanced students, this class focuses on creating the strength and techniques to master traditional yoga poses. The format uses more advanced sun salutes and ventures into backbends, crow pose and handstands as well as other challenging yoga poses. All are welcome and techniques can be modified to suit the less advanced student who wishes to grow into the program.

(more about Intermediate Level Yoga)

Core Conditioning and Core/Workout

The focus of this class is to develop the muscle groups used in many yoga postures. Frequently muscle aches and strains or lack of advancement in yoga skills, may mean you are missing some important elements in your fitness training. This class teaches simple but effective routines to round out your yoga practice. Resistance techniques and various props will be used and provided in class, including free weights, resistance bands and physioballs. The intensity level of this class is mild to moderate and is open to all levels of students.

(more about Core Conditioning)

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When practicing yoga:
Please use common sense when choosing to use the information you have gained from this website. It is advisable to consult with your physician before engaging in exercise. The information presented is designed to be informative. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injuries, illness or disease.

For questions,
Text Julie at 713-291-1851 or email jbyrdyoga@yahoo.com.

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