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Starting with proper alignment
gives your yoga a strong foundation.

Beginning yoga classes are designed to teach you the basics of yoga while developing your strength, flexibility and coordination.

Classes are designed to satisfy the needs of those unfamiliar with yoga and for those with undeveloped strength and flexibility.

Who seeks our a Beginning Yoga class?

  • Those who have never taken a yoga class and want to start out with a proper grounding.
  • Those who have been in yoga classes before but found the pace too fast and the instruction not specific enough.
  • Those who participate in other physical activities but want to improve flexibility and balance.
  • Anyone who wants a class that comfortably challenges their abilities.

relaxing in yoga
beginning yoga class

Beginning Yoga
builds proper alignment in poses.

Beginning level yoga classes are designed to teach appropriate alignment in each pose.

Every class offers insights into safe and effective techniques that comfortably challenge strength and flexibility.

The class pacing allows for thorough explanations of each action and students are encouraged to ask questions.

The intensity level of a beginning class can range from mild to moderate and each action can be adapted to match the physical abilities of the student.

The classes are effective, comfortable, and light-hearted.

Beginning / All Level Yoga Videos

Select from this list of pre-recorded videos. The links will take you to my video page. You may watch anytime and as many times as you wish.

This is an 'all levels class' perfect for beginners who are seeking a more vigorous class as well as those at an intermediate level. The class has segments that will comfortably challenge the participant and can be modified to any ability. Yoga poses start from basic concepts with an emphasis on proper techniques and options for increasing effort are offered for those who seek a greater workout.

Currently the classes are donation based. You are welcome to use previously purchased class blocks for attendance. If you like you can purchase class blocks or make a donation to help me keep the business going while we are working through this transition.

For those suffering financial hardship during this time, please feel free to attend classes as my guest.

To Make a Donation for Any Amount, Click Here

If you enjoy these videos, please consider making a donation. - Thanks!

All Level Yoga Classes

Suggested donation:

Single Class - $20
5 classes - $85

Payment Options

10 Classes regular price - $135


private instruction

When practicing exercise:
Please use common sense when choosing to use the information you have gained from this website. It is advisable to consult with your physician before engaging in exercise. The information presented is designed to be informative. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injuries, illness or disease.

For more information:
Text Julie at 713-291-1851 or email

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