Recuperative Yoga

Recover your strength and abilities.

Recuperative yoga is a safe and transformational yoga that benefits men and women of all ages and at all levels, from elite athletes to the athletically or physically challenged. It is a modern yoga program that is designed to restore and maintain our body's appropriate range of motion, create good alignment, optimize muscle balance and cultivate physical awareness.

Benefits of Recuperative Yoga:

  • A way to manage life's difficulties due to chronic pain, stress and tension.
  • A system of yoga designed to assist in recovery from illness or injury.
  • A way to reduce anxiety from work and every day life.
  • A method that emphasizes knowledge, personal wellness, breath and relaxation.
  • A method to assist each individual's search for health and well-being.

recuperative yoga class

Recuperative Yoga
enhances your natural healing powers.

Recuperative Yoga recognizes that not every pose works well for every body and therefore modifies poses and actions to suit each person's needs.

Our physical limitations may be a result of injury or illness, poor posture in a work environment, or overuse in athletic performance. Regardless of the reason, Recuperative Yoga can help to resolve body issues.

Recuperative Yoga places the spotlight on muscle functions and body mechanics, and utilizes personalized exercises and yoga postures to restore a balance of strength and flexibility.   It is an innovative method to enhance and optimize body performance for all levels.

Recuperative yoga group classes are ongoing each week.

Gentle Beginnings

Open Attendance Class. No pre-registration necessary. Drop ins welcome.

Day: Saturdays

Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Location: Jbyrd Yoga Studio, 1122 Welch, Houston, Tx 77006 (map)

This class is designed for those with physical limitation, whether from injury, surgery, illness or other challenges. This class allows the participants to use chairs and other props to make them more comfortable. The class concentrates on improving posture, motor skills, and body coordination while creating strength in weak muscle areas.

Class payments may be used for any drop-in class.

Open Attendance Classes

These payments are good for any open attendance class and they never expire.

Single Class - $20
5 classes - $85

Payment Options

10 Classes - $135


Be sure to check the class calendar for class changes and Holiday schedules

private instruction

When practicing exercise:
Please use common sense when choosing to use the information you have gained from this website. It is advisable to consult with your physician before engaging in exercise. The information presented is designed to be informative. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injuries, illness or disease.

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