Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Come explore the art of moving meditation.

This class has just what you are looking for
with a mixture of Tai Chi and Chi Kung.

Dates of Classes

Tuition and Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Tai Chi form

Both disciplines of Tai Chi and Chi Kung are known to enhance balance and coordination as well as improve energy. This class will combine the two into an effective and easy method that you will enjoy learning.

The class sizes are small. This allows you the space to move freely and allows me to help you with individual attention as you need.

Great for all levels. No previous experience necessary

Tai Chi/Chi Kung Schedule

The class will be taught each week on Saturday. Every 6 weeks there will be a one week break and then classes will resume for another 6 weeks.

You do not need to start classes at the beginning of a six week cycle since the class format runs continuously. Beginners are welcome in any class.

If you need to miss a session you can start again as soon as you are able. Although you learn more with each class, you can attend any class even if you have not been there for previous sessions. You will be learning at your own pace.

  • Class meets weekly Saturday 5:30 - 6:30pm (space is available)
  • No class on Saturday 12/1

You must pre-register with Julie in order to reserve space in a class.
Once you have pre-registered you may make
payments online or in person.

Tai chi and Chi kung classes

Tai Chi and Chi Kung
Have fun learning gentle movements.

These classes are great for all levels of student.

You can start at any time. Each class will have students of all levels.

We will be creating patterns of movement that will enhance balance and coordination. The slow, dance-like steps of the forms are pleasantly challenging and your abilities will improve with practice.

We will work with floor drills, adapted actions and partnering exercises in order to enhance your strength and abilities.

This is a no-stress structured class. You will be encouraged to learn at your own pace.

Contact Julie if you have questions about whether this type of class will be best for you.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Tai Chi and Chi Kung

5:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: Jbyrd Yoga Studio, 1122 Welch, Houston, Tx 77006 (map)

Please pre-register with Julie prior to making a payment. Class sizes are deliberately kept small in order to enhance your experience.

You may pay for single classes or receive a discount for paying for classes in advance.

Payment Options

You may pay in person or on-line through the links below.

Tai Chi/Chi Kung Classes

Single Class Drop in - $20
3 classes - $54
6 Classes - $108
12 Classes - $190


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is Tai Chi? Which form of Tai Chi is this? What is Chi Kung? Which form of Chi Kung is this?

  • Tai Chi is an ancient system of movement several thousand years old that got its start from a form of martial arts similar to Kung Fu. Instead of being used for fighting, Tai Chi was used to enhance balance and improve internal energy. The form of Tai Chi we use in this class is Yang Style. We will be working with a short form that has several adaptations.
    Chi Kung is also an ancient system several thousand years old. It focuses on generating and improving internal energy and health. The form of Chi Kung we will focus on in this class is from a form called Eight Pieces of Brocade.
    In addition to the forms we will also practice stance and floor drills that will improve flexibility and strength.

2. I have never taken a Tai Chi class before. Will this class be too hard for me?

  • Everything we do in the class will tailored to fit the individual. If you are able to stand up and walk, you have what it takes to do this class. The activities we will focus on will build your balance and coordination. The flow of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung forms will take time to learn, but they are fun to practice and we will repeat them several times in each class. It can take each person a different amount of time to memorize the movements. In some ways it is like learning a slow motion dance. Some people learn this type of action faster and it takes others more time. No worries. I encourage you to take your time and learn things at your own pace.

3. How do I pay for these classes?

  • You can pay for a single class or you can purchase several at once. The class price is lower for multiple classes. You will get more benefit from attending regularly, so I have set up a price system that rewards you for more frequent attendance.
    Payments can be made online through the links below. You can also pay at the studio with check, cash or credit card.

4. Do I need to start a class at the beginning of a six week session?

  • You can start at any time. Although the classes will have a break every 6 weeks the
    class format runs continuously. There will be a mixture of beginners and more experienced students in each class. I will provide you with handouts that will help you remember some of the actions in the class.

5. If I usually attend the class on one day can I switch to the other day if I need to?

  • When you know you will miss a class, check with me to see if there is an opening on the alternate day. If an opening is available then you can attend that class instead of your regularly class.

6. Can I just drop in to a single class?

  • Yes, but you must check with me first to see if there is room available. The drop in fee is $20 per class.

7. Can I use the Open Attendance Class payment to attend these classes?

  • Sorry, but no, this class is set up on a different system and the payments are a different price.

8. If I miss this class can I take any Open Attendance class instead?

  • Yes you can. Please let me know if you are going to do this.

9. I am going on vacation. How do I save classes I have paid for?

  • If you know you are going to miss several classes you have the option of canceling your space in the class during your time away. When you return, if space is available then you can rejoin the class and use your remaining payments. When a class is full, those who wish to make sure they get the same time and day class would need to pay for their spot even when they will be away. You are welcome to transfer your attendance to anyone you wish if you desire.

10. If I cannot attend a class can I give my time spot to someone else?

  • Yes. If you have paid for your spot, you can transfer that class to another person. Please let me know when you do this so I will know to expect your guest.

11. I want to do Tai Chi but not in a group. Can I schedule a private session with you?

  • Absolutely. Just email me and we can connect our schedules.

Be sure to check the class calendar for class changes and Holiday schedules

private instruction

When practicing exercise:
Please use common sense when choosing to use the information you have gained from this website. It is advisable to consult with your physician before engaging in exercise. The information presented is designed to be informative. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injuries, illness or disease.

Schedule a private Workout session Tuesday through Saturday.
Call Julie at 713-291-1851 or email Julie@jbyrdyoga.com to schedule your appointment.

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