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Often we work very hard to achieve our goals in health and exercise and forget another component to being healthy is nutrition. There is a world of information out there to educate, enlighten and guide us, but sometimes the problem is too much information. Our busy lives don't allow us the luxury of the kind of study the subject of nutrition deserves.

Why would you want Nutritional Coaching?

  • You want to lose weight and build muscle.
  • You have exercise goals or athletic events and you want to perform better.
  • You want to eat a more healthy diet so you can feel and look better.
  • You want to use nutrition to help you overcome a health issue.
  • You want to learn more about healthy eating for yourself and your family.

nutrition coaching
healthy diet

Nutritional Coaching
offers you an effective
eating plan.

Details of your Nutritional Coaching session:

  • You will tell me of your personal goals such as weight loss, muscle building, immune enhancement or athletic performance and you will also complete a diet diary that shows your eating patterns.
  • I will perform a detailed evaluation of your current diet and provide you feedback and formulate a strategy that will help you reach your goals.
  • Your plan will include detailed information on how to successfully change your habits and incorporate your new style of eating.
  • We will work together in follow up sessions to help you stay on track with your goals.

Nutrition Coaching offers you a plan for success.

We often end up eating in ways that are less than optimal for our lives and we suffer from our poor nutrition choices. Sometimes our food choices become a road-block to our success with either an abundance of calories or not enough of what our body needs. This is where Julie can help you as a Nutritional Coach.

Your sessions can be conducted in a variety of ways. We can meet together personally or we can conduct our sessions through a phone call, skype or even email.

Your eating plan can be specific to your personal needs but also adapted to fit the needs of your entire family.

I can create successful eating plans for many different eating styles whether you are an omivoure, vegetarian, or vegan.

healthy living
healthy eating

You no longer have to struggle on your own with your nutrition goals. Schedule a Nutritional Coaching session with Julie.

For more information:
Call or text Julie at 713-291-1851 or email

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