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Recent Changes at Jbyrd Yoga?!?

What Happened?!?

julie byrd in relaxation pose

Well, a lot. First, there were the good years from 1992 - 2020 when Jbyrd Yoga was a different kind of yoga studio dedicated to making sure that no matter who walked through the door, there was a yoga appropriate for exactly their needs. This was what I considered my life's work and an endeavor that was worthy of my total time and attention. Through those years I developed a special style of recuperative yoga, offered private and group classes of all different levels, brought yoga into local gyms and physical therapy businesses as well as hospitals, and taught seminars in various small and large events and venues.

Then in 2020, COVID became a part of our lives and within a week I switched everything to live-stream, online classes. I thought this would just be for a little while. I think most of us thought that but it turns out, the little while went on for more than a year. Some people went back to in-person classes, but many of JByrd Yoga students were in situations that made them more at risk, so the classes stayed online only.

Then in September 2021, I became ill. It became a cascade of events starting with kidney stones and surgery and eventually resulting in an undiagnosed but potent issue that still physically affects me to this day. I have chronicled my boring details here if you are so inclined to read it and I keep updates in the group emails. You can sign up for the newsletter to keep abreast of current events.

There is currently no longer a physical location for Jbyrd Yoga and the studio is now online only. The new mailing address is P.O. Box 273422, Houston, Tx 77277.

Jbyrd Yoga still exists. I recorded most of the online classes I taught and have been editing and uploading them to YouTube. My rate of uploading has become glacially slow, yet I am still slowly proceeding with this project. You can check out my YouTube channel here, but also you can find these videos curated on this site. Each style of class video is kept on its own page. You can watch them as often as you like.

If you find my work helps you, perhaps you will in turn help me. I accept donations for classes for those who are so inclined.

Future Plans

I have not given up on becoming well again. My physical progress is slow and there is still debate regarding what is wrong with me, but I am determined to overcome this challenge. After all, with so many of my former students and clients leading the way with their own healing, I know the best is yet to come.

For Jbyrd Yoga studio, I hope to return to teaching privately in the future and eventually offer live-stream group classes once more. I have been spending time writing and hope to someday share my thoughts on health and healing with you.

Thank you for reading this. Please keep me in your kind thoughts and prayers. If you think others may be helped, please refer them to my videos.

I miss you all.

All the best to you,
Julie Byrd

julie byrd in sedona

recuperative yoga pose

julie byrd

julie byrd in sedona

Julie Byrd Q & A

Q: How long have you been teaching yoga and what is your educational background?

I have been a yoga instructor/comedian for over 30 years and I am the expert that many yoga instructors seek out to help resolve their injuries and muscle imbalances. My education includes a B.S. in human biology and I worked for years as a chiropractor. Some further influences also include over two decades of practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and I am also certified in Chu Meridian Balance.

Q: Did you say comedian? How did you become a comedian?

Comedian is the best way to describe how I inflict my humor on everyone. Sometimes they laugh, which only encourages me. There is no good explanation for how I acquired my sense of humor but it's been said that it is a family trait, so I come by it honestly.

Q: Why do you teach yoga the way you do?

I became captivated with my studies of human biology and have used the knowledge of the complex workings of the human body to design innovative solutions for my clients. I also do my best to translate this knowledge into the classes that I teach and I am proud to say I only occasionally baffle my students.

Q: Who is your typical student?

I work with just about everybody, which often includes athletes from brahma bull riders to marathoners, but my passion is teaching gentle forms of yoga to assist people on their healing path from injuries and chronic health issues. In this quest I have created a specialized form of yoga called Recuperative yoga which is designed to resolve muscular imbalances and restore health.

Q: What is your goal in teaching?

My goal in teaching is to educate my students on how and why we are different from each other and how we can bring ourselves into a state of harmony and balance. I also try to make them laugh so much their core muscles get stronger. Sometimes I succeed.

Q: Where all have you taught yoga?

My yoga skills have been utilized for many years in the pain management program at the renowned Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, TX. I have been featured on local TV and radio shows, and am considered a sought after yoga expert, nutrition coach, and problem resolver since I create unique solutions to many of life's problems. I am a nationally recognized expert in Recuperative Yoga and have been a featured presenter at many different yoga conferences. You can find me most day at my yoga studio in Houston, Tx.

Q: How would you describe your teaching?

My instruction varies from the most gentle of levels to advanced forms. I can teach those who need it very gentle movements and I can also teach those who are more physically able a safe and effective method of challenging yoga poses.

Q: Is teaching yoga all you do?

No, sometimes I sleep. And I have this big organic garden, a husband, three wonderful and loyal dogs, three slightly dishonest and loveable cats and I have been known to drive a pick-up truck. I was the instructor for Balance Your Body Yoga Teacher's Training school where I led classes for interested students on the wonders of yoga from an instructors point of view. My goal was to inspired upcoming teacher trainees to enhance their knowledge of the human body in order to become safe and effective yoga instructors. I also did my best to make the teacher trainees laugh until their sides ache.

Q: What are your classes like and are you a registered instructor?

My classes are a blend of modern and ancient techniques, lovingly mixed together with a great big dose of light-hearted fun. My dogs will vouch for me as well.

Julie Byrd
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