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Reduce your Stress and Sharpen your Focus

The term meditation can have many meanings. People say they are meditating when they think about something or when they use their imagination. Yet there is a deeper and more ancient definition of meditation that describes a technique of creating a different state of consciousness.

This meditation class will focus on a variety of techniques that will ease tension and bring about a different state of mind from our normal wakeful state. There are many styles of yoga meditation that can allow us to explore a deeper level of consciousness.


These meditative techniques are not a part of any religion. They are a scientifically valid process done in a particular order to achieve a verifiable state of mind.

When you meditate you will be inwardly focused but fully awake and alert. Instead of a focus on the external world and what is happening around you, the process will guide your mind to an inner stillness. In meditation you will experience a calm, quiet, low stress way of being that will become deeper as you practice.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved health
  • A better state of mind
  • Better mental clarity and focus

Zen meditation

enhances your natural healing powers.

Come join me for a relaxing meditation class. We will meet in the new meditation room at Jbyrd Yoga studio.

You will find it a relaxing place to be with a comfortable couch, plenty of chairs, mats and floor cushions.

I will also provide you hot or cold tea or infused water and snacks such as nuts and dried fruit.

The Meditation class meets Tuesdays at 6:15pm.

We will explore a different type of meditative technique each week including:

Vipassana - Open Focus

Open Focus
enhances your attention to detail.

- Open Focus Meditation

We are conscious of just a tiny fraction of what our senses bring to us. Learn a meditation where you take off the filters and really notice what you have been noticing.

We will start out small just noticing a few things and as we involve ourselves we will notice more... much, much more. This meditation can be very useful in a noisy or chaotic environment to help us maintain a state of calm.

It can also sharpen your attention to detail and allow you to grow your capacity of focus. The overall effect is one of deep and restful relaxation.

Trataka - Gazing Meditation

Gazing Meditation
enhances your imagination.

- Gazing Meditation

This meditation uses a technique where we will fix our gaze on an external object, usually a candle, but it could be a symbol or even a picture.

We will keep our eyes softy open and then close our eyes while keeping the image in our 'mind's eye'.

This meditation trains our concentration and our visualization powers. Great for artists and anyone who wants to enhance their imagination.

Pranayama - Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation
enhances your relaxation.

- Breathing Meditation

This practice is sometimes done as a physical exercise, but when used as a relaxation it takes on new meaning.

In this meditation we will learn to control our breathing and focus using specific respiratory muscles to guide our breath into various parts of our lungs.

We will take slow, long deliberate breaths which will balance our mood, calm our body, oxygenate our tissues, and enhance the clarity of our mind.

This is a great and simple technique that can be helpful for those in recovery.

Chakra - Energy Meditation

Energy Meditation
enhances your internal energy.

- Energy Flow Meditation

In this meditation we will focus on the energy centers of the body.

Called chakras, these areas are a traditional concept of yoga. Come learn about the seven chakras of the body, their meaning and specific visualizations and chanting mantras for each.

We will do a meditative practice that will focus on the heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra. We will also do an energy flow meditation that will cycle the internal energy through all energy points.

Nada Yoga - Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation
enhances your ability to sleep deeply.

Nada Yoga
- Sound Meditation

In this practice we will be meditation on sounds.

The technique will involve learning to focus on calming music and natural sounds and then we will focus on hearing the internal sounds of our body and mind.

This can be a very pleasant and relaxing meditation that can assist in achieving deep and restful sleep.

Aromatherapy - Scent Meditation

enhances your enjoyment of life.

- Scent Meditation

Our sense of smell is engaged in this meditation.

We will be doing deep breathing relaxation and then exploring natural smells of certain plants , food and essential oils. There are several studies that have reported enhancement of health and physical abilities using essential oil diffusers and we will discuss these elements as well.

Don't worry. The scents we use will be very pleasant and not overwhelming.

Registration, Class Dates, and Tuition

You are welcome to attend any of these classes, but please pre-register so I will know how many will attend each session.


We will explore a different type of meditative technique each week. Each time we repeat a topic there will be new information added.

Monthly Meditation Plan

  • 1st Tuesday
    (Open Focus)
  • 2nd Tuesday
    Nada Yoga
    (Sound Meditation)
  • 3rd Tuesday
    Energy Meditation
    (Chi Kung, Chakra, Pranayama or Meridian)
  • 4th Tuesday
    (Gazing Meditation)
  • 5th Tuesday (so, not every month)
    (Scent Meditation)

Planned Outages

  • No class on Tuesday 3/3/20

Open Attendance Class payments may be used for any meditation class.

Meditation Classes

Open Attendance Classes - Payment Options

These payments are good for any open attendance class.

Class block packages never expire.

New Students, no charge for first class.

Cash, checks or credit cards accepted. For credit cards you may pay in person or use the online class payments here.

Single Class - $20
5 classes - $85

Payment Options

10 Classes - $135


Be sure to check the class calendar for class changes and Holiday schedules

private instruction

When practicing yoga:
Please use common sense when choosing to use the information you have gained from this website. It is advisable to consult with your physician before engaging in exercise. The information presented is designed to be informative. It is not intended to diagnose or treat injuries, illness or disease.

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