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Art has been a part of my life since my first memories and I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. The creative spark is so interwoven with my life it is like it is part of my DNA. Yoga came into my life a little later but it too has worked its way so far into the fibers of my being that I cannot imagine life without it.

I love to teach yoga and especially love to teach those who find themselves adrift in the physical chaos that comes from illness or injury. Recuperative yoga offers a transformation of mind, body and spirit to recover our optimal self. It is the focus and passion of my life to lead others in this journey. It has been my passion to teach individuals and groups and also to instruct others on how to become inspirational yoga instructors.

How fortunate I am to have found a way to meld the creative spark of my artistic self with the calling of yoga through these expressions. I am very grateful for this opportunity and hope you enjoy my efforts.

It is my hope that you the viewer will find these works an inspiration that will draw you back to the mat again and again so that through yoga may you find the peace and beauty that dwells within you.

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