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If you have questions, I know you want answers as soon as possible. Some of your questions may be answered in the FAQ section.

You may contact me by phone, email or if you would like we can make an appointment for a personal interview to answer your questions.

My phone number is 713-291-1851
My email address is
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 273422 Houston, Tx 77277

Office Location

Currently my office is now online only. I am no longer keeping a physical studio location. Please reach me by phone, text, email, or via post.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What should I wear for yoga?

  • Loose comfortable clothing. You may be bending, twisting, reaching, sitting or lying on the floor. Yoga clothes should not bind, chafe or reveal more than we are comfortable with.

2. Do I need my own yoga mat?

  • There are mats available for you to borrow if you don't have your own. Eventually you will want your own yoga mat and you can find them many different places from very inexpensive to more expensive and higher quality versions. There are several different types of mats at my studio, so you may want to see the different versions before you invest in one of your own. Check out this review of yoga mats before you get your own.

3. Can I eat or drink before yoga?

  • Avoid large meals within two hours of class. A light meal about 30 minutes before class is quite fine and in fact may help keep blood sugar in balance. Water before class is fine and drinking water during class is always okay. Avoid large amounts of liquid, acidic drinks (like coffee) or carbonated beverages within 1 hour of class. Be sure to plan on eating within an hour after class to provide your muscles the protein they will need to get stronger. For more information check out this article.

4. How often should I practice yoga?

  • Intense yoga exercise should be limited to 1 - 3 times per week. Softer forms of yoga can be practiced daily. You will see improvements in ability from practicing at least 2 times per week. A yoga class may last 1 hour or more. Home practice can be a little as 20 minutes. There can even be benefits from doing just one or two poses when there is no time for more. Here is an article with a little more information.

5. Can I do yoga if I am injured or sick?

  • Care must be taken to insure that injured areas are not strained in any activity. Soft forms of yoga can be done if there is no pain or intense sensation allowed. Use common sense if exercising with an injury. You will not make a situation better if you further traumatize an injured area.
    It is best to rest the body when we are ill or injured. Doing a yoga class is not advised when we are sick or feel we are coming down with something. Your body needs the energy you would use for class to repair injured tissue or fight illness. Once we are in recovery from illness, soft forms of yoga can be helpful in returning to activity.
    You may find it helpful to schedule a private class to help you in recovery from injury. A private class can be modified to your needs and help you regain strength and flexibility without creating re-injury.

6. Who can do yoga?

  • Most people can do some form of yoga. There are modifications of poses that make it available to practically anyone regardless of physical ability. However, there must be desire in the individual to learn. The age range of those who can practice yoga is between 1 year and 120 years although exceptions to those younger and older are allowable.

7. Can I advertise on Jbyrd Yoga?

  • I accept advertising on a limited and case by case basis. If you have a product or service that you think will be helpful and welcome to my students and clients then please contact me for details.
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