Jade Fusion Yoga Mat Review

Ahhhh. Do you hear that? Bells! That is what goes off in my mind every time I think about my
Jade Fusion Yoga Mat. This was the first natural rubber mat I purchased since my gasket mat days.

I have owned a lot of yoga mats and while I have liked some of them, most of the time my mat joy is fleeting. What starts out being a good mat soon reveals itself to be a passing romance and I return to the search.

Part of this trouble is that I am somewhat 'hard' on yoga mats. Being a yoga instructor I spend a lot of time doing yoga. Who knew? As a result I wear out mats quickly and have become a sort of mat expert since I have had the experience with so many different yoga mats.

What I am saying is that for me to be a little over the moon about a mat is both an unusual thing and also says a lot about the mat in question

Natural Rubber is a renewable resource

rubber tree plantation A natural rubber mat starts its life in a rubber tree plantation.
The tree resin is tapped much in the same way maple syrup is collected. rubber tree tapping

Why would you want a Jade Fusion Yoga Mat?

  • You want natural rubber, no synthetics.
  • You need more cushion under your hands and knees.
  • You need a mat that can reduce impact from jumping forms of yoga.

My selection of natural rubber was to reduce my contact with endocrine disruptors found in plastics. As an instructor I spend a lot of time standing barefoot and placing my hands, knees and even my face against mat material. Molecules have a disturbing way of traveling through our pores. I wanted to make sure that I was not getting any unhealthy plastic molecules from my mat so I began to seek out natural mat materials. I was also seeking a thick mat to protect my knees.

I found all of this and more in this mat.

Pros about owning a Jade Fusion
Yoga Mat

The Jade mat is made from natural rubber and no synthetic materials. Natural rubber is an ecologically sound product from a renewable resource and it is biodegradable. The density of the mat provides incredible cushion to your hands and knees. The mat gives firm support and there is no stretching in poses such as downward dog. The mat density absorbs impact from jumping forms of yoga which reduces the stress on your joints.

Cons about owning a Jade Fusion
Yoga Mat

  • My new mat had an unfortunately disturbing rubber tire smell that lingered for over a month. Others have not reported this, so maybe some mixture of rubber plus the color I chose was to blame.
  • This is not a permanent mat. I purchased my first Jade Fusion in 2008. With my high use it began to break down by 2013. By breakdown, I mean the area where my hands and feet typically contact began to look worn. By the end of my 5th year using this mat there were small pieces of rubber coming off, but no holes completely through the mat.
  • Cost. The mat costs upward of $100. Considering you can get a regular yoga mat for around $25 or less, this is a steep price.
  • Heavy. This mat weighs about 7 pounds.
  • Once you use this mat, all other mats will pale in comparison.


Tire smell aside this has been my all time favorite mat. It is so much my favorite that I am purchasing a new one to replace the old one. I will use the old mat at home and have no doubts that it still has years of use left in it. If you are on the market for a natural rubber mat that provides excellent cushion and stability then you can't go wrong with this mat.

Where to Buy:

You will not find this mat at any big box store. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find this mat locally. I find Amazon's prices to be good and you can also find it at other online yoga retailers.

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