Fitness Mat Review

A Fitness mat is not usually considered a yoga mat, but it should be. A fitness mat is typically much thicker than a regular yoga mat and its surface is not built for traction yet it can work very well for seated, kneeling and reclined poses. I discovered these nearly by accident but have been delighted with them ever since I found them.

Why would you want a Fitness Mat?

  • You want a thick mat that will cushion your knees.
  • You want cushion to your hips and shoulders in floor exercises.
  • You want a lightweight, thick mat that is value priced.

How I discovered the Fitness Mat

I am always on the lookout for student mats for my studio and therefore I am also always on the lookout for a bargain. I was in a big box store, looking over their exercise section and noticed these big blue 'goofy' mats clearance priced for $5.

So of course I bought one and brought it to my studio to try out. It was better than I could have thought possible and best of all, right out of the packaging it had no 'new mat' odor.

I immediately called my husband and asked him to go to the store an purchase every one they had. So that is how I ended up with over a dozen of these fitness mats. I never did figure out why they marked these mats down. I guess some store manager saw them as excess inventory that wasn't selling. Whatever it was I am so glad I stumbled upon them.

If you have been to my yoga studio then you have had the chance to use one of these fantastic, highly cushioned mats. With these mats, you will not feel your knees on the floor.

Pros about owning a Fitness Mat

These mats are latex free and 10mm thick and cushiony. They are made from PVC which is a very durable substance. These mats are also closed cell foam which makes them easy to clean and they do not absorb perspiration. They are very light weight considering their thickness and they are low cost.

Cons about owning a Fitness Mat

  • The mat is so thick it can interfere with balance in standing poses.
  • The waterproof nature of the mat makes it slippery when wet.
  • They seem to only make these in one color. If you don't like blue, you are out of luck.


This is a perfect mat for those who do a lot of floor exercises, seated, kneeling or reclined, and need more cushion for knees, hips and shoulders. The slight wobble this mat gives standing poses might be an issue for beginners but could be seen as a developmental tool for an advanced yoga student wanting to enhance thier core stability. It can work well as an underlayer with your regular yoga mat over the top and placing a standard mat over one of these seems to diminish the wobble issue.

Where to Buy:

You may be able to find this mat at some local retail and big box stores.

There are two different brands that offer this mat, Gold's Gym and Danskin. They look identical to each other, at least they used to. I think the Gold's Gym version is disappearing. I have seen some versions of the Danskin that look a little different.

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