Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat Review

If you do a lot of travel and you like to keep up with your yoga, then a travel mat can be just the thing you need. This Manduka travel mat provides great traction and is made of natural rubber.

I first used one of these mats when I was given one as a gift. That mat was an earlier version of this type of travel mat. I found it to be very heavy even though it was very thin. Since it was so thin I used it in combination with another mat underneath it. That worked, but the combined weight was a bit much for minimal cushion.

My second encounter with this type of mat was this newer version where the natural rubber is combined with a cloth type backing. This makes the mat lighter and it folds into a very small package. It is my go to travel mat when I need to pack a suitcase.

Why would you want a Manduka Travel Mat?

  • You want an foldable, lightweight mat.
  • You want a thin, natural rubber mat.
  • You want to do yoga when you travel.

The Manduka Travel mat fits in your carry-on luggage

I cannot stress enough how well this mat fits into the bottom of your luggage taking up little space and being very light weight.

So, you are on a business trip far from home and you want to keep up with your yoga practice. Are you really going to put your hands on that nasty hotel carpet floor? Of course not. Not when you have a Manduka Travel mat.

No more laying out hotel towels in a desperate attempt to keep hotel floor yuck away from your hands and feet. Nope, now you will lay out hotel towels to keep the yuck off of your happy little travel yoga mat.

Pros about owning a Manduka eKO Superlight Travel Mat

  • Natural rubber top with a cloth material back.
  • Folds up small to fit in your carry-on, but lays out flat.
  • Very lightweight.

Cons about owning a Manduka eKO Superlight Travel Yoga Mat

  • 1.5mm of thickness is like cardboard thinness. You will feel the floor beneath you.
  • Due to thinness, it may stretch slightly in poses like downward dog.
  • Made of natural rubber, so not good for those with latex sensitivity.


This is a great travel mat and they combined the natural rubber with a cloth backing which makes it super light. The fact that it is also super thin is the only drawback and unavoidable in a travel mat when you want to pack it and all your other necessary stuff. I have used it and yes, alone it was very thin, but it got the job done. This could also be used to create a 'personal space' on top of a borrowed studio mat.

Where to Buy:

This is a specialty item, so you probably will not be able to find it at local retailers. To get the full selection of colors shop online.

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