Gaiam Print Yoga Mat Review

I think these Gaiam Yoga mats are by far some of the most attractive mats out there. I have two of them with different designs and they remain among my favorites.

Although I had seen others with these mats before I purchased my own, it took a situation where I was without a mat and needing to teach a class before I bought one. Other than dealing with the typical new mat smell after I unrolled it for the first time, I found the mat to be perfectly fine for my knees and hands in most poses.

Why would you want a Gaiam Print Yoga Mat?

  • You want a non-rubber mat due to latex sensitivity.
  • You want an attractive mat to brighten your yoga workout.
  • You want a mat that is value priced.
  • You forgot your mat and need to get one so you can teach your class.

Gaiam mats offer several design and color options

gaiam print yoga mat5

These mats always catch my eye when I see them in a class. People have commented about my own two Gaiam mats more than any other mats I have owned.

They have over 20 different designs and many different colors, so your mat can stand out from the crowd. That can make if very helpful if you forget your mat somewhere as it will be easy to identify instead of just another blue mat.

Pros about owning a Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

These mats are latex free, which is a consideration for those with latex allergies. They are also free of several other things like Phthalates, DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP. I don't know what that stuff is, but I certainly don't want it in my yoga mat.

These mats are durable and my own have lasted many years. They are light weight and best of all they are relatively inexpensive. For under $30 you are getting a quality mat.

Cons about owning a Gaiam Print Yoga Mat

Okay, so it is not all perfect. With just 3mm of thickness there is not that much cushion. If you need more thickness, you can get around this by doubling the mat under your knees or using it as an attractive topper to another mat.

I have used one mat on top of another and have seen many other people do this as well, but I must admit that carrying a second mat around kind of defeats the whole 'light weight' benefit to these mats.


This is a basic mat that over-achieves in price and attractiveness. For someone looking to buy their first yoga mat, this mat has all you need. You will get a lot of color choices and you won't have to spend a lot of money. That is an all around winner in my book.

Where to Buy:

You may be able to find this mat at some local retail and big box stores. To get the full selection of colors and designs shop online. I find Amazon's prices and selection to be good and you can also find it at other online yoga retailers.

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