Yoga Gift Certificates

It is only natural with our interest in yoga that we would want to share it with someone else. A yoga gift certificate can be a wonderful gift for those we care about.

jbyrd yoga gift certificate

A special gift for someone else... or even yourself.

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Open Attendance Yoga Classes

These certificates may be used with any group class Julie teaches, at any location or time.

  • 5 Class Block a great discount off of the single class price.
  • 10 Class Block - allows an even greater discount for each class. Great for those who come to multiple classes each week.

Open Attendance Classes

These payments are good for any open attendance class and they never expire.

Single Class - $20
5 classes - $85

Payment Options

10 Classes regular price- $135


mat and yoga nutrition

Private Sessions

A private session is a great way for you to experience a class with one on one attention to your needs. The pacing is set to your level and the workout focuses on your goals. You can choose to work on yoga, core conditioning, personal training with weights, meditation, tai chi or a combination of everything.

Sessions may be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday.

  • 1 Hour Session - a personalized session of the topic of your choice. You can also share your session with a friend for the same cost.
    Regular price $90

  • JbyrdYoga Private 1 Hour Session

julie byrd and yoga student

Fitness Assessment Sessions

These are absolutely wonderful in helping you know how to focus your workouts in order to achieve your goals. Why do a random workout and hope for the best when you can learn which muscles and movement patterns need to be addressed in order to create your best strength and flexibility.

Assessments may be scheduled Tuesday - Saturday

Assessment Session - (read more about it here)

The session lasts for an hour and a half and takes into account your past and present medical history. It includes a posture assessment and muscle length and strength assessments as well. All this information gathered is used to create a personalized exercise plan that we will then work on together to make sure it suits you perfectly. After your session I will send you an illustrated guide to help you recreate the exercises at home.

regular price $165

  • JbyrdYoga Fitness Assessment
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