Yoga Block Reviews

Yoga blocks are quite helpful, especially if your flexibility is limited and you find it difficult to place your hands on the floor in poses like lunge or triangle. They are also very helpful for reducing hip and back strain when used as a seat cushion. Their light weight and small size make them easy to pack for travel.

4 inch yoga block

4 Inch Blocks

These 4 inch sized blocks are just the thing for helping your hands reach the floor in certain yoga poses like the lunge or triangle pose. They are also great to use as a seated support and the 4 inch size works well for this. These are the size of the larger blocks I have in my studio.

Made from firm, light-weight EVA foam with beveled edges. 4-Inch x 6-Inch x 9inch

4 inch Blocks @

3 inch yoga block

3 Inch Blocks

This slightly smaller block size is great for travel, but also might be a better choice for those with smaller hands. Depending on what I am using the block for, having a smaller block may work if I don't want my hand or foot position too far from the floor.

Like the larger sized blocks, these are made from firm, light-weight EVA foam with beveled edges. 3-Inch x 6-Inch x 9inch

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eggsecutive yoga block

Egg Shaped Blocks

So, let's just say you are tired of the same old thing and looking for something new. These egg shaped yoga blocks may be just the thing you need to spice up your yoga life. I have not yet added these to my yoga arsenal, but I will soon. I like that the rocker shape which will add a slight instability to the support. For this reason, I would not recommend these for beginners. Get used to the traditional block shape first with its firm stability and then move up to these egg shaped ones.

Ergonomic design will tilt to take pressure off of the wrists.

3 Minute Egg @

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