How to Dress A Yogi
- Part 2

Dressing a male yogi for cool weather

No doubt you have been wondering how to dress a male yogi for cool weather. There are several things we must consider when addressing this topic.

Important considerations when dressing a male yogi:

  • The clothes must be comfortable and non-binding.
  • The clothing must be warm enough, but not too warm.
  • Layering is essential for maintaining comfort.
  • He needs to look good.

dressing the male yogi

Now that we have established those essential facts, we can set about clothing the yogi. We will divide our search into yoga bottoms and yoga tops.

Yoga Bottoms

Much of the selection in yoga bottoms will depend on our yogi's preferences but three ideas work well in cold weather. Long pants, knicker length pants or cargo shorts all work well for yoga. Yoga leggings for men come in a few basic styles either fitted at the ankle or loose fit.

If the leggings are close fitting, a few considerations need to be discussed. Compression tights, often used in running are not going to be very comfortable in yoga poses due to their tight fit. A less constraining close fitting legging is better. A pair of shorts worn over the leggings can keep our yogiman from feeling 'over-exposed'.

If he prefers a looser fit, we must make sure the pants will stretch and move without binding or being bulky. Sweat pants, although roomy and non-binding are often too bulky in certain yoga poses. A loose fitting pant with soft, thinner and stretchable fabric is better.

Some yogimen prefer a knicker length pant or knee length short because it reduces binding at the knee. Running shorts or any above the knee loose fitting short are better paired with compression shorts or bike shorts. Certain yoga positions will allow wide legged shorts with hemlines above the knee to billow outward and expose a yogiman's 'details'. A considerate yogiman who wears these shorter shorts will at least wear attractive and colorful underwear to entertain the room.

yogiman long pants

Ankle length, loose fit pants with stretchable fabric will allow for warmth and won't hinder flexibility.

spaghetti strap tank

These loose fit ankle length pants have a flexible fabric that allow ease of movement.

  • Medium-weight Modal fabric (Birch tree fiber)
  • Several color choices available
  • Available @ Amazon

yogiman long tights

Ankle length close fitting tights that are not 'compression' tights will allow maximum flexibility with a minimum of excess fabric. For those yogimen who prefer a little more coverage, shorts can be worn over the top of the tights.

basic tshirt

This basic Tshirt for its fitted style, soft cotton and good price.

These ankle length tights are just right in fit and do not restrict like compression pants.

  • Wide, flat, 2" waistband
  • Designed specifically for yoga
  • 88% Organic Cotton / 12% Lycra
  • Available @ Amazon

yogiman knickers

Knicker length pants create less tension around the knee yet still provide moderate warmth. These can either be close fitting tights or loose fitting pants.

knicker length pants

These knicker length pants are very flexible.

  • Medium-weight Modal fabric (super soft Birch tree fiber)
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Available @ Amazon

yogiman cargo shorts

Knee length cargo shorts are often a favorite of yogimen who want minimum clothing hinderance and need less warmth in their clothing. Care should be taken if the shorts end above the knee to pair them with underwear that won't reveal too much.

Those who insist on wearing loose legged super short shorts, should consider wearing humerous underwear for the viewing audience.

minawear cargo shorts

These Mina Wear cargo shorts combine hemp with organic cotton and are very soft and durable.

batman boxer briefs

If we must see 'details' at least let them be covered by Batman.

Yoga Tops

Now that we have our yogiman's bottom clothing all sorted out we need to think about what yoga tops would work well. Since we want our yogi to be warm, comfortable and capable of doing good yoga we will use the classic method of layering. Layering one article of clothing over another can offer warmth without resorting to heavy and restrictive tops. More importantly, layering will allow our yogi to remove the items in descending order in order to regulate his temperature during class. Those yogis who forget to layer often end up too cold or too hot at different times during the yoga class. We don't want this for our yogiman.

tank top

Tank tops offer an extra layer of insulation for cold without increasing restrictions around the shoulders. Layered under a Tshirt this can allow comfort with short sleeves even in the cold. If after warmup our Yogiman becomes uncomfortably hot during class, the tank can be worn alone to reduce heat without the chill of being bare chested.


Tshirts are a great second layer for cool weather yoga. A more fitted style will allow greater flexibility when layering other clothes under and over it. Thicker fabric Tshirts may be comfortable alone or with a tank top layered underneath. Thinner fabrics like the burnout Tshirt work well if a hoodie or jacket ar used to overlayer.

organic cotton hoodie

A hoodie can be an excellent overlayer for our yogiman. Choosing a thinner fabric will provide solid warmth without being overly bulky. A lack of zipper will make it more comfortable in front reclined poses. This Prana hoodie is mostly cotton with a hint of spandex which makes it stretchable and breatheable.

  • 92% Organic Cotton 8% Spandex
  • Comes in brown stripe, grey stripe or solid black
  • Available @ Amazon

yogiman dressed in warm clothes

Well our male yogi is looking much warmer and ready to do yoga without chills or over heating. Just remember, dress your yogi in layers and he will feel comfortable both in and out of the yoga studio.

- Julie

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