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May 2020

April 2020 #3

April 2020 #2

April 2020

Warm up/ Sun salute/ Hip flexor stretch and action/ Cross body core/ Hamstring action and stretch/
Reclined hip release/ Relaxation

Hamstring Focus

Warm up/ Sun salute/ Standing hamstring action/ Crouching warrior/ Low lunge hamstring action/
Seated shoulder release/ Reclined shoulder and hip release/ Relaxation

Mindful Focus - Triangle and Seated Twist (15 minutes)

Enjoy a practice of mind to body focus with triangle and seated twist.

September 2021 (57 minutes)

Warm up/ Sun salute/ Warrior 1 with a twist/ Serratus shoulder action/ Seated twist/
Reclined shoulder and hip release/ Relaxation

Lower Back Friendly (20 minutes)

Warm up/ Gentle triangle, side angle, warrior flow/ Shoulder stretch/ Wrist and ankle release/
Side Hip Tonic/ Reclined hip release/ Relaxation

June 2021 (58 minutes)

Warm up/ Sun salute/ Forward bend balance/ Shoulder Flow/ Bird Dog/ Neck release/
Seated twist/ Reclined core/ Hip release/ Relaxation

April 2021 (58 minutes)

March 2021 (59 minutes)

January 2021 (63 minutes)

November 2020 (57 minutes)

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