How to Dress A Yogi

Dressing a female yogi for cool weather

No doubt you have been wondering how to dress a female yogi for cool weather. There are several things we must consider when addressing this topic.

Important considerations when dressing a female yogi:

  • The clothes must be comfortable and non-binding.
  • The clothing must be warm enough, but not too warm.
  • Layering is essential for maintaining comfort.
  • She needs to look good.

dressing the yogi woman

Now that we have established those essential facts, we can set about clothing the yogi. We will divide our search into yoga tops and yoga bottoms.

Yoga Tops

Since we want our yogi to be warm, comfortable and capable of doing good yoga we will use the classic method of layering. Layering one article of clothing over another can offer warmth without resorting to heavy and restrictive tops. More importantly, layering will allow our yogi to remove the items in descending order in order to regulate her temperature during class. Those yogis who forget to layer often end up too cold or too hot at different times during the yoga class. We don't want this for our yogi.

yogi woman wearing tank

A tank top makes a good base layer. This added insulation will keep our yogi warm when the weather gets really cold. It will also allow her to feel comfortable in a Tshirt once she warms up and removes her outer longsleeve layer. If she gets really warm she can even wear just the tank. Many come with built in shelf bras for added support.

spaghetti strap tank

This spaghetti strap tank comes in many colors so our yogi has quite a selection.

  • Built in shelf bra and adjustable straps
  • Long fit which is great for leggings
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Available @ Amazon

yogi woman wearing tshirt

A Tshirts works great as a second layer. Our yogi can be in short sleeves when she gets warmed up from her workout. A fitted Tshirt may work better when wearing multiple layers. Layered this Tshirt over the tank and under a long sleeve top she will have the perfect clothing for cooler weather.

basic tshirt

This basic Tshirt for its fitted style, soft cotton and good price.

It comes in many colors so our yogi has quite a selection.

  • Double-Needle Stitched Sleeves And Bottom Hem With Ribbed Collar For Long Lasting
  • A Luxurious Fabric. Extremely Soft With Stretch For Maximum Comfort
  • Available @ Amazon

yogi woman wearing hoodie

A hoodie will work great as an outer layer. This hoodie is excellent because the lightweight burnout fabric provides just enough warmth without being too warm. The V neck makes it easy to layer over another shirt to make it even warmer. The long length is very flattering over yoga pants.

prana hoodie

This Prana Hoodie comes in a variety of colors and patterns so our yogi has many choices.

Yoga Bottoms

Now that we have our yogi's tops all sorted out we need to think about what yoga bottoms would work well. Much of this will depend on our yogi's preferences but three ideas work well in cold weather. Long leggings, long loose pants or capri length leggings.

Yoga leggings come in a few basic styles. Long or capri length and either fitted at the ankle, boot cut or loose fit. All of these styles will work just fine for our yogi. If she tends to get cold, the longer lengths are probably the better option.

minawear full length yoga pants

Mina wear is an excellent choice for yoga. The material is soft, organic, and very durable.

  • Full length, loose fit, silk trim
  • Drawstring waist
  • 55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton
  • Available @ Amazon

Tparty boot cut yoga pants

T Party yoga pants are one of the best deals going in yoga clothes. They come in great colors, fit well and are durable.

Tparty yoga capri pants

T Party also has capri length. They also come in great colors, fit well and are durable.

female yogi dressed warmly

Well our yogi is looking much warmer and ready to do yoga without chills or over heating. Just remember, dress your yogi in layers and she will feel comfortable both in and out of the yoga studio.

- Julie

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